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travel & Hospitality Photographer

I specialise in creating impactful photo and video content for upscale hospitality brands, enhancing your digital presence across social media and online platforms. My unique 'non-stock' imagery elevates your brand, engaging guests and showcasing your hotel's authentic experience.

With six years traversing continents from Australia to North America and Europe, I bring a wealth of international experience, adapting my photographic style to suit boutique hotels and major chains like Accor.

My commitment is to work in close collaboration with clients, ensuring that each project aligns with their specific marketing objectives and brand ethos. Combining technical skills with a creative, trend-aware approach, I deliver exceptional service and impactful visual content that sets your brand apart in the competitive hospitality market.

Zac, Melo Studios

Matty is a gifted visualiser who always brings vision, depth, experience and fun to every shoot we do! We're grateful for him and the way he translates our message as a brand to a greater audience"